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Ji TCM (AMK) 吉祥中医

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Welcome to Ji TCM Health and Wellness! Our friendly and professional medical team provides thoughtful and comprehensive Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatment and healthcare services in a warm and conducive environment.


Our TCM Physician registered with the Ministry of Health has extensive clinical experience conducts detail diagnosis through observation, auscultation, questioning, and palpation and formulates personalized TCM treatment plans with Chinese medicine and/or acupuncture to ensure your full recovery.


Our skilled male and female tuina-therapists have years of experience in TCM tuina-massage, cupping, and scraping (Gua Sha) techniques to help treat accidental muscle injuries, relieve back pain, and other muscular problems.


If you are looking for a reputable clinic that provides quality TCM services, come to Ji TCM Clinic. Through personalized, minimally invasive methods of TCM, we help you improve your physical and mental health and lead a quality life.

About Dr Chan Jan Kai

Resident Physician

Dr. Chan grew up in a Traditional Chinese Medicine store since he was a child, and was influenced by his grandfather, a experienced Chinese medicine physician. Dr. Chan developed a strong interest in Chinese medicine. After Dr. Chan obtained a specialist degree in traditional Chinese medicine in Singapore, he continued his studies at Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and studied for a master's degree. Later, he studied with many famous Chinese doctors, such as Dr Li Ke, Dr Deng Tietao, and Dr Hao Wanshan, etc.

Dr. Chan is currently a registered Chinese medicine physician and acupuncturist of the Ministry of Health of Singapore. In the past years, he has served as a clinical tutor of the Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, an examiner of the Singapore Board of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a member of the certification team of the Singapore Board of Traditional Chinese Medicine, an attending physician of the Singapore Chinese Medicine Hospital, and the oncology group/ Cardiovascular Physician.

With years of clinical practice experience, Dr. Chan has been given lectures and speeches hosted by the Ministry of Health of China and Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine for four consecutive years.

​Our Friendly Staff


Our experienced and amiable staff - from left, Wang Yang, Lisa Jia, Zheng Hui Fang (Xiao Fang), Fang Xue (Xiao Xue) and Lin Jun.

Delighted customers - Tomas (SG) and Thomas (LI) and the owner Mr & Mrs Ang celebrated Lin Jun’s Birthday together.

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